The Many Adventures of Keira!

This is our page to document our family's adoption journey- starting from when we first started planning for our little one, to when we brought her home. We're also going to keep this updated with all of the things that Keira has been up to since she's been home with us here in the U.S!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Brand New Girl

Everytime Keira has a meltdown period, I, being a new parent am always afraid that she will never recover from it. The next day, she woke up the happy, smiling goofy girl that she normally is. I got some great advice from my sister in law Christine that she might be teething or having a delayed reaction from the shots. She has her teething rings which I have been giving her more lately to see if it helps when she gets grumpy. My friend Glenn also said with meltdowns, advice he was given was to give the necessities and then if she is still grumpy, try to introduce other things to narrow down what might be the problem. This all helps arm me more for the next meltdown she has since I'm SURE that there will be another one! :)

Her sleeping has been all over the place. The other night, I must have gone into her room about 12 times with her waking up sometimes 4 times within an hour. I was so dead tired that I could barely see straight. It's also really hard to sleep when she is napping because there is just SO much that has to get done. I've been going to the board to get advice on her sleeping through the night with the prevalent suggestion being to let her cry it out. I have been kind of against it, but after neither of us getting any sleep the past couple of days, I was ready to give it a try last night, but something weird happened! She slept at 08:30pm and woke up at 05:30am. Not sure WHAT happened, but hopefully it is the start of a trend.

I got a call from the Dr's office. Her tests came out great, except that it was showing slight inflammation of the liver from the Hep B. We already knew that, but what the Dr. said was that it was very slight. That could mean that it is residual from her getting Hep B and that it is almost gone, or it could mean that she has chronic Hep B. Either way, I will be taking her to a specialist--although I don't think that I want them to do a biopsy of her liver. The numbers are so slight for her inflammation, I think that I would rather wait until her 18 month check up to see if the numbers have stayed the same, increased or decreased. If it has stayed the same or increased, then I will discuss the biopsy with the doctor. Otherwise, I don't want her having surgery unless I'm sure that it may be a problem.

Over the past few days, Dan and I took Keira to Legoland and over to the play area at the mall. During her Tumblers Wobblers class, she usually is scared to death to crawl through the small tunnel they have, but lo and the play area, when I wasn't looking, she was crawling through the tunnel they have there! Not only once, but over and over again laughing each time she made it out the other end. I was able to get a few pictures that I will post. She wasn't too crazy about the sand in the dinosaur digging pit at Legoland and she wasn't too crazy about it at the beach. I think that the feel is too weird for her on her feet! The last picture is of her trying to sit on a bench that was pretty high up. She couldn't quite figure out how to lift herself up on it, so she was kind of bending backwards over it. She cracks me up. The other picture is of Dan feeding Keira with chopsticks at PF Changs. Dan hasn't been up to Chinese food for a while, but made an exception for PF Changs---I know, I know, it's not authentic Chinese, but hey! We've HAD authentic Chinese Food and the Americanized Chinese Food is still VERY good :)


Tukwut said...

I have no advise for you that the others haven't provided. But I'm glad that she is doing better. One thing to consider if it happens again is to check to make sure something in her clothes is not bothering her. Like a zipper or button pressing into her. Also check her ears or nose and make sure she didn't put something where it should not have gone. ;)

Glad that you are all doing well, meltdowns and all.

Paula said...

Keira looks great! Jess also isn't a fan of sand in digging pits. Let me tell you just how jealous I am of you guys when I see people in short sleeves in your pics - I am so ready to wear short sleeves and put away the winter clothes!