The Many Adventures of Keira!

This is our page to document our family's adoption journey- starting from when we first started planning for our little one, to when we brought her home. We're also going to keep this updated with all of the things that Keira has been up to since she's been home with us here in the U.S!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Am My Mother...

A while back, Keira was running around doing something, but not something that I wanted her to. To get her attention, I said "SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHT...Hey, Mommy said please go pick up your toy and put it back in your room!" Dan gives me a funny look laughing. "Did you just 'Dog Whisper' our daughter or something with that sound?" LOL I didn't even realize that I was doing it, but sure enough...there I was ...making that sound!

Most Filipinos know that familiar sound...SSSSSHHHHHHHHHT! It's how all of our parents got our attention when we were kids and something that we would all make fun of.

Every day when I'm with Keira, I'll find myself saying "OY!" or "Ayyyyyy!" or "Ayyy Nako!" Keira even says "Ayyyy Nako!" on a regular basis as an exclamation. Where is all of this coming from? My Mother! I have turned into my Mother LOL . Not that it's a bad's just something that I never saw happening as a kid. I HAVE stopped short of pointing at things with my lips though so I haven't completely lost it :).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Life Lessons and Pirates

(Keira on her fake plastic remote that looks like an iPhone)

This weekend was Harbor Days here in my neck of the wood. Dan had a booth there for his business so we decided to head over for a visit and to check out the festivities.

We started with the intention of going on Saturday, but ended up going clothes shopping for Keira instead with Auntie Lorraine at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall. As we were getting ready, Keira decided to put some powder on Amelia. I guess Life Lesson #1 is that most dogs don't like to have make up on. She ran around the house rubbing her face on the carpet frantically then ran off and hid in the backyard and decided to dig a huge hole in the grass. Perhaps trying to hide so that no one would see her with makeup on? Who knows! Keira is getting to be such a tall beanpole now and we had to get her size 3/3T clothes! Shes still very slim, so the perfect size waist wise is 2T, but they usually end up being floods now, so I have to get her 3/3T clothes hopefully with adjustable waists.
We were finally able to make it to Harbor Days on Sunday. After church, Keira and I got changed and headed to the transit station where you could park and take a shuttle to the Harbor. This was definitely going to be the best way to go since there are thousands of people that show up! Life Lesson soon as you are able to carry less things do it!!! I stopped carrying a diaper bag months ago and now Keira carries around her little Hello Kitty backpack with some wipes, a couple of pulls ups just in case, a change of clothing and a book. Hey! They are her things, so why SHOULDN'T she carry them? LOL Actually, she does con me into carrying it sometimes as well too. Anyway, after somehow carrying her with her backpack and the stroller, we made it on the shuttle.

It was very fun! It was a pirate theme and there were lots of pirates walking around handing things out to the kids like gold coins, beads, stickers and tattoos! Jack Sparrow gave Keira a skull lollypop which of course was her favorite thing. They had tons of vendor booths there and we found Dan to show him all of Keira's loot. We watched a Pirate Ship take off and at the Pirate's cove where they were making balloon swords for the kids and giving them their own pirate names. Keira was named "Killer Kay" the pirate. LOL She got to wear her little pirate certificate, played with sword for a while and got and gave lots of "AAAARRRRRRRRHHHH"s until she just pooped out. Life Lesson #3- Even Killers have to take naps sometimes!

The booth right next to Dan sold those mini guitars and wrestler masks! I bought Keira her own little pink guitar to play. Unfortunately it doesn't really tune and doesn't play well...oh well, she enjoys strumming it and pretending to sing. I guess that is what is important. We also got Max a Nacho Libre mask. He LOOOOOOOVES that movie! We sent Max a picture on my cell with a little sound byte of Keira saying "NAAAAAAACCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Gigi sent me a text back saying that they kept playing it over and over laughing.

Well, on the way back to the Shuttle, I had a bit of a dilemma. Keira was now napping, I had a stroller and a few bags. There was a line of people waiting for the shuttle and just as we were all getting ready to get on. It was a mixed bag of people...Old people, young people, couples, families, people that were dressed as pirates, people that looked like they would be the equivalent of modern day pirates (in other street people). As the shuttle approached, I started trying to get everything together. I was carrying Keira, still asleep with one hand, carrying bags in that same hand and trying to fold up her stroller with the other. It was a mess and although I never like to portray myself as a damsel in distress, I was pretty horrified about the fact that there was a line of all of these people standing there watching me struggle and not offering to help. If anything many of them seemed more annoyed that I might cause a delay in them getting on the shuttle even though I had gotten out of the way specifically not to slow things down. Next thing you know as I was struggling still and trying not to wake Keira up, when I hear "Did you need some help?" It was a couple that looked street people. I said "Yes! Thank you!" The lady took my bags and the guy helped me fold up the stroller. They put it on the shuttle and made their way to their seats. When we got to our destination, they grabbed my things and carried them off the shuttle for me and even helped me open the stroller. I was reaching in my pocket to see if I had any cash to give them for helping me out and the guy stopped me. "When you do nice things for people, it always comes back to you!" They smiled and off they went. This by far was probably the best lesson of all that has always kind of been a cliche, but now I see as so very true. Life Lesson #4- NEVER judge a book by it's cover.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Burn After Reading

The other day after work, Dan and I had a little time in the afternoon before picking Keira up. We decided to have a "date afternoon". I had heard great things about Burn After Reading, so we thought we would go see it. The movie theatre is very close to us, so to save time since we were cutting it really close, I headed there straight from the office and Dan walked and met me there.

Burn After Reading is the newest movie from the Coen Brothers. Some other movies they have made were O Brother Where Art Thou, The Big Lebowski and Fargo. They usually do dark twisted comedies and this was no exception. The story is basically about a former CIA agent who decides to write his memoirs and some gym trainers that find his disk that they think is top secret CIA stuff and try to blackmail him. The story itself is kind of flimsy, and honestly, it really moves kind of slow at the beginning. The characters on the other hand are absolutely fantastic and although I'm not a big fan of Clooney or Pitt, they were GREAT and totally made the movie. Without giving too much away, my favorite person in the movie had a very small role as the CIA Director. He' a character actor and you may not know his name (J.K Simmons), but you will definitely know his face.

Dan and I left the theatre thinking to ourselves....It was ok. Nothing spectacular and even though there were some funny moments, it most certainly was not as hilarious as I had heard it was. Then something funny happened... a day later after thinking about it and remembering specific scenes, I would find myself laughing outloud- REALLY laughing. Dan and I were even in hysterics this afternoon talking about one scene in particular! It's one of those kind of movies...the delayed reaction.

I might have to see it again...on another "date afternoon"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

Dan is working on Sundays right now, so Sunday is Keira and Mommy day to hang out and enjoy the day. We do have our routines. She usually is wide awake by 6am and begins the day yelling for me to come and bring her to the potty. She has really been doing great with her potty training and is just about completely potty trained during the day. She hasn't had any accidents and consistently goes on her own now. She is still in a crib, so naps and sleeping at night she still wears diapers. I think that starting this week, I'm going to let her sleep in a regular bed during naps so that she can maybe start getting used to getting up if she needs to go potty or hopefully she can learn to hold it until she gets up. Sunday mornings Keira likes to make breakfast. She loves making scrambled eggs and runs to the kitchen yelling "MOMMY...EGGS!!!" in excitement. She runs to the kitchen table to grab a chair and drags it into the kitchen. I get her ingredients together so that she can work her magic. She's pretty good with breaking eggs, although she still gets some shells in the bowl. Here she is scrambling the eggs.
She has a little bowl with cheese and anything else that she wants to mix with her eggs. She sometimes likes to have mushrooms and onions. She takes small amounts of her ingredients and whisks it in with her eggs.

She love to make her eggs and is actually very good at it!
Ok, now I understand the concern that some of you probably have with the fact that she is actually at a stove cooking. I am always right there with her and she knows that she is ONLY allowed to use the stove with Mommy or Daddy there. She understands the concept of being careful with the stove being hot and that she has to be careful. If I get too close to the stove, she even tells me, "Mommy! Don't's HOT!!!" I let her stir the eggs for a minute, then Mommy finishes it off as she puts the bread in the toaster and gets set up in her chair to eat breakfast.
After breakfast, we head off to church. She loves one of the traffic security guards at church named Butch and always gives him a hug when we see him. She is really doing great at church and although she does get a little antsy towards the end, she loves singing the songs and saying "Peace Be With You!" LOL
After church, we grab Amelia and head down to the beach to give her a nice walk. It's kind of nice that summer is over because the beaches are less crowded.
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Prayer

Keira: God bless Daddy and Mommy and Keira and Amelia... and Doowa... and Nana...and baby and MeeMee (her blanket)...and bottle...and Cinderella...and Princesses...and bottle...and Legoland...and Ariel...and TV....and Teletubbies...and Amelia...and Keira...and potty...and Daddy...and Keira...and Mommy...and Max...and beach...and Mommy...and Elmo...and horsie...and all the Aunties and Uncles and Animals in the whole world...Amen

Fadda Fadda Fadda (Sign of the cross)