The Many Adventures of Keira!

This is our page to document our family's adoption journey- starting from when we first started planning for our little one, to when we brought her home. We're also going to keep this updated with all of the things that Keira has been up to since she's been home with us here in the U.S!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Movies!

On Friday, I worked a night shift, so I had the morning to myself. Keira was at daycare for a few hours so that she could play and that I could get some work in and get some sleep in order to stay awake for the shift to come. I'm such a wimp when it comes to sleeping now. I'm usually in bed and asleep by 7PM in order to get up for work lately since I normally work at 3:30am. Keira and Dan tuck me in by pulling my blankets over me and singing me a "night night song". Hey! Shouldn't I be the one tucking her in??? Well, I guess it doesn't really matter because she LOVES the routine- she even gets my earplugs for me! LOL

Well, since I had a couple of hours to spare in the morning, I decided to go and see Sex and the City! I watched the show every week when it was on HBO and even though sometimes their characters would get on my nerves with their shallowness---it still was all in all a fun show. Since Dan didn't want to be banished into the room while I watched MY show on MY night (Hey! I can't tell you how many episodes of American Chopper, American Thunder or Myth Busters that I've seen with him lol) he usually ended up watching it with me.

Boy was I excited when I heard they were making a movie! I really missed watching the new episodes on Sunday Nights when it finally ended. I've seen every episode at least twice and couldn't wait to see where their characters left off when we saw them last. I think that I can honestly say that I was most excited about this movie coming out this summer than any other...Well, Indiana Jones and Mummy 3 as well (Dan's sister Kat just wrapped up working on effects on this film not long ago).

They were showing it at 9:15am at the big theatre in Vista, so I headed over after dropping Keira off. I was thinking to myself along the's going to feel silly to be the only person there at the theatre that early! Boy was I wrong! There was a line of people for that early showing...all women of course and 1 guy lol.

What's the consensus? I absolutely LOVED it! Now granted, everyone there seemed to love it because only people that were already fans would be there that early in the morning to watch it. For someone that hadn't watched the show before, it probably wouldn't be that great.

I was so happy to finally get to see a movie this Summer. There are so many coming out (or ones that have already come out) that just look great! Dan and I decided that on Mondays since we are both home early, that we are going to try and see 1 movie a week or every other week. Kind of like a "Date Day". It should be fun!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Auntie Bee and The Frucheys!

Kind of sounds like some weird name for a retro band, huh? LOL Auntie Bee, Dan's sister Brenda came all the way from New York to visit with the family! She's been so wonderful and supportive through everything with the adoption that it was so nice to finally have her meet Keira! Since she isn't able to come out too often, Kat and Matt (Dan's sister and husband) as well as the Fruchey clan (Dan's sister Christine and family) came out to visit as well!
As you can tell, Keira just absolutely adored Auntie Bee and would yell out "Auntie Bee!" just to make sure she was still around to play frog or rabbit hopping with. The last time Fallon and Aria, Keira's cousins were able to come out...there was a little bit of a rivalry going on! When Christine was coming off the plane, Dan offered to carry Aria to help out and Keira definitely didn't like her Daddy carrying another cute little kid around other than her! LOL We weren't sure how they were all going to be getting along this time around, but they got along great!
Here are Aria and Keira hamming it up for the camera at the Wild Animal Park. Uncle Todd and Fallon were there as well checking out the sites. It was Fallon's 5th birthday after the weekend, so we celebrated it while they were out. Aria is 2 months younger than Keira is.
Little Monkeys! Just kidding...actually, they had a little help from Uncle Todd although you can't quite see all of him.
Here are Keira and Auntie Bee at the Wild Animal Park
Uncle Matt and Auntie Kat live up in LA and they drove down for the day to celebrate Fallon's birthday. Here is Uncle Matt working on the computer with Keira. He read Where The Wild Things Are with her a couple of times and she just wouldn't let him stop!
Notice the beautiful castle cake that Auntie Bee made for Fallon's birthday. WAAAAAY better than the cake I made, huh? LOL
Auntie Christine, Aria, Auntie Bee, Keira and Fallon all watched on as Uncle Todd cut the first slice. It was a really big 3 layer cake and we didn't come anywhere NEAR finishing it that night!
What better way to end a dinner than a Hula Dance! Keira found me and gave me a lei to wear and dance with as well. Somewhere along the way, Aria decided that I needed a ziploc bag to complete my outfit, so she ran in the room to get it for me. LOL Isn't it funny what children come up with? LOL I thought I looked FINE without the ziploc bag! :)
Here are Aria and Keira giving each other a big hug. We had a really great time and hope that we can see you all again sometime soon!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Tonka Truck

Those of you that know me know how much I loved my dogs Jackson and Lucy and how heartbreaking it was to lose both of them. Lucy was the kindest, gentlest little girl and adored children. Jackson was my baby boy for 16 years. When each of them went over the Rainbow Bridge, I knew that I would not be able to get another dog for quite some time... it would be just too painful.

Lately, about a year later, I have found myself with a void that I've wanted to have filled---the need to have a dog in my life again. I am home more and would be able to devote more time to a dog and feel that I could open my heart to a pet again. I made the decision that there were a few things that were extremely important to me:

1. That any dog we find be gentle and get along well with Keira. Having a small one, all of you know that what that means when looking for a dog. Keira loves dogs and gets so excited to see them at the pet store. She is gentle with them but little ones sometimes do things they don't mean, like pull a tail etc. I would never ever allow Keira to hurt any animal and she would never mean to...but she is still a toddler and toddlers do toddler things. It would be really important to find a dog that would be tolerant of little things and little people.

2. Not be too high energy. Although it's great to go on walks and do fun things together, working and having a little one would not allow me to do high energy activities with a dog. A nice, happy but mellow dog would fit in great with our family. One that we could take on walks and to the park, but not have to spend hours throwing a frisbee back and forth while wrangling Keira up- that would be great!

3. That the dog be from an owner trying to find a new home for their dog, the Humane Society, shelter or rescue. I did not want to buy a dog. I know that many people want dogs that are purebred and from breeders. That is fine and totally a personal decision. I know that there are many reputable breeders out there, but so many dogs are from Puppy Mills, which treat the dogs so inhumanely and horribly just to turn a profit. I just don't want to take any chances in supporting the Mills at all in what they are doing....especially when there are so many dogs out there that need homes already. That is in no way meant to slam those that have dogs from breeders...any dog that can have a home is wonderful. Just a personal choice with me on how I would like to find my dog.

4. One that didn't look anything like Jackson and Lucy. The reason for this is that I didn't want to get a dog to "replace" my fur babies. I wanted a dog that we could start fresh with and that would have to go through any comparisons.

I have always loved French Bulldogs, so I decided that was the breed that I would look for. Granted, I am open to any dog that would be a good dog for our family that wasn't too big, but I decided that I wanted to see what was out there for a little Frenchie.

There is a French Bulldog Rescue Network ( that does fantastic work rescuing abandoned and abused dogs. Some are owner surrenders, but many were rescued from Puppy Mills. The stories would make you cry had badly they have been abused. One of the dogs had sores, mites, was going blind and was going deaf from all of the infections in her ears. Her abdomen was totally full of scar tissue from them doing homemade C sections on her to pull the puppies out. I had my heart set on adopting a rescue dog from there (an was even in the finals to adopt one), but I also wanted to see if there were any dogs closer by that needed homes as well. I started looking through the shelters and Craigslist and found a French Bulldog up in L.A that needed a home. His owner got a new job where he had to travel out of town so much that this dog spent most of it's time sleeping waiting 12 hours a day for him to come home or in a kennel. He loved his dog enough to know that he wanted him to be around people more. We corresponded for a while through email and I asked a billion questions. Was he housebroken? How was he with small children? What was his demeanor? Has he had a history of aggression? Everything sounded great with this we made arrangements for him to bring the dog to our house so that we could meet him and see how we all got along.

After making plans, I realized that I never asked him what the dog's name was, so I did. Ready for this? The dog's name is Jackson. read that right....Jackson! That isn't that common of a name and was the same as my Jackson. Was it some kind of sign? What did this all mean? Was it a BAD sign--because I was trying to hard to find a dog that didn't remind me of my previous dogs and now here was one with the SAME name? Or was it a good sign? Maybe something telling me that it was ok! Wow! I was now totally excited to meet him! By the way, when I was telling Dan about the dog, he just happened to be driving on Jackson Street in Westminster. What are the odds????

Well, they came up to bring Jackson to meet us and things were just great! He was a funny little guy...well little probably isn't the proper description! LOL Picture this....the average size of a Frenchie is in the mid 20 pounds or so....Jackson was 45 pounds! WOW! He is a TANK! He is so funny and sounds like a pig with how he much personality. We introduced him to Keira and she was excited...until he jumped on her a little. Then she was scared. That's's easy enough to try and get a dog to stop jumping. Plus we figured that it was just the excitement of everything being new since he's normally very very mellow. We decided to keep him and the owners, although very sad to leave him...they were glad that we were a family that would be able to spend more time with him.

Everything was going great. We knew that we wouldn't want to keep the name Jackson since that already belonged to our Jackson, so Dan decided he wanted to name him in Tonka truck! LOL

After a little while was when the problems started. Everytime Keira would jump around just being a toddler, he would jump at her. It was really starting to freak her out. He was just a goofy big lug and didn't appear to be trying to be aggressive...he was just getting excited, right?

I had to go to work the next morning, so I went to bed. After a couple of hours, Dan woke me up. He said he was so sorry to wake me up but he really didn't think that things were going to work out with the dog. It had gotten to the point where if she even MOVED, he would jump on her. Keira was afraid to leave the couch for fear of being knocked down and now Dan said he even snapped at her. Dan called the owner and told him the bad news and he was fine with taking Jackson back. I came out to the living room to watch Jackson/Tonka and the first thing Keira said to me from the couch shaking her head was "Me no wan no new doggie". She looked miserable, sad and scared. Dan took Keira in to brush her teeth and settled into bed. After they finished, I went back to bed, but I tell you, I couldn't sleep....

I felt so horrible! I realized now that I made a terrible mistake and how I possibly could have put my daughter in danger. I think that I allowed myself to get so wrapped up in "the signs" that I was just so dead set on this dog "belonging" with us and being "meant to be" that I was ignoring everything else. Apparently the signs were to say, No! It's a bad idea....and when I wouldn't listen, the signs moved over to Dan and he didn't want to listen either!

So we have to say goodbye to the Tonka Truck. When I woke up to go to work, I gave him a hug and said goodbye. He really truly is a very nice dog and hopefully will go to a good family that will take care of him with either no children or children that are much older. He's just too much of a big boy...mind you, he's 45 pounds, which isn't very big, but that is 45 pounds of all muscle in a little compact body. That combination can do some serious damage to a small child. Laura, Keira's godmother is going to watch Keira this morning while Dan takes Jackson/Tonka back up to L.A. He was even afraid to have them in the car together for fear that he might snap at her in the car and they would have possibly ended up in a car accident with Dan trying to hold him back. I'm sad about it. He really was a great guy, but Keira is and will always be our first priority....and I know that we made the right decision to let him go back home.

One of these days, we'll find the right dog that fits in perfectly with our family...ones of these days! I haven't given up hope....I know that he/she is out there, but this definitely was an eye opener and I'll have to make sure that I'm much more careful with the decisions that we make for the sake of everyone involved.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Ugliest Cake Ever...No, Really...EVER!

I like to cook. Really, I do! I can cook up a storm and am actually pretty good at it...but baking??? Yikes! I'm so bad at baking it's actually quite frightening. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Everytime I try to bake brownies, it turns into cake. I once made these cream cheese cookies that were supposed to be fool-proof. Apparently I'm the fool they didn't proof it against because the dozen cookies I was trying to make turned into one big flat pancake. Most of the time it tastes pretty good but WOW is it ugly! The really absurd part of it is that one day I would like to own a coffee/dessert type of shop. Well, I'll tell you what, I would be pretty broke trying to live off of any money made from my baking! lol I don't know if I can even be saved through getting years of culinary school even. I've been told that my problem is that when you cook, you don't have to be precise, it's a pinch of this a dash of that. If you miss something, then you can always add it later. With baking, it's very precise. If you miss anything from the get-go or didn't measure something just are pretty much done and have to start over. Take a look at the picture and you tell me if I just missed It also doesn't help that I am VERY impatient....something that I hear that baking takes a lot of.

I'm the first to admit...that is the ugliest cake in the world. Ever. Period...EVER...and even though Keira was the one that put the letters on the cake (did you catch that we ran out of "D's" and had to try and substitute an "I" and a "C" to try and form a "D" for Daddy?) I can't lie and pretend that she made the cake! LOL

After I took the cake out of the oven, I let it cool for a while. Normally, I get too impatient to wait and end up with melted frosting because it was too hot still. This time, I wanted to make a nice cake for Dan's birthday, so I waited. Well, when I started trying to frost the cake, I took the bottom layer and leveled it out. So far so good! It was straight...kind of! After that, I put some frosting on and started to try and smooth it out before putting the other layer on. That was where things went terribly wrong. I put the top layer on, then after that as I was trying to frost the thing, big chunks of the cake just started to fall off! Oh NO! What do you do now??? Well, I started to take the frosting and use it as paste to stick the fallen pieces back on the cake. Is that even what you are supposed to do? Is something like that even salvagable?? Well, that kind of explains the lumpiness.

After that, I gave Keira the letters one by one and had her put them on the cake. We started out great with the "Happy". After that, it turned into baby chaos! LOL Here is Keira admiring her case you didn't notice, she also stuck her finger in and was licking her finger. The thing was such a mess anyway, Dan probably wouldn't notice the big new hole on top now from where her finger stuck in! :)
Dan got up from sleeping and started opening up his birthday presents. We gave him some really cool shirts and a couple of hats. He has been wearing baseball hats for a while now, but I wanted to get him something a little different as well. I got him a really cool plaid hat with a brim. It's taking a while to get used to it, but he does like it. I'll see if I can get a picture sometime. Keira likes wearing it as well.

Sometime in the afternoon, we presented the cake to Dan. We sang happy birthday and Keira helped him blow out the candles. What does he say? "Happy Birthday Dadicy??" LOL I guess he did notice that we ran out of D's!

Mike and Lorraine joined us for his Birthday Dinner where we tore up some pretty fabulous Sushi! All in all, an end to a great birthday. Well, technically, his birthday is today, but he has to work today :(.

Dan said that he loves Keira and I AND the ugly cake! I'm glad that I have such a great husband!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Quail Botanical Garden

Believe it or not, Keira has still been taking 2 naps a day on average! Yes, I know that most people move their kids down to 1 nap a day before they are 18 months old or so, but Keira has been the happiest and the least grumpy when she gets her 2 in a day--PLUS she still has been sleeping through the night! That is alot of sleep! Once in a while, we would try to move her down to one nap, but she would get so crabby, you would not believe it. I figured that if she wants the sleep, it wasn't a harmful thing for her to keep getting it.

About 2 weeks ago, she started to not want her afternoon nap. "Me no wan iiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! was usually her answer if I would ask her if she wanted a nap. Alrighty then! Well, I guess that she's finally ready for just 1 nap a day! lol

There are pros and cons to her finally going down to 1 nap a day. I'll be honest. I SURE miss having that extra nap time to get stuff done! That was usually my time to do dishes, laundry and sometimes just get my fix on non-kid friendly shows like Law and Order. Something that is wonderful though is that there have been activities that I've always wanted Keira and I to do that were during her usual nap time. Now that her nap time has changed YAY! We can finally do some of these things!

One thing that I've always wanted to check out was the Arts and Crafts Playtime at the Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. We finally got a chance to check it out today and it was alot of fun!

Here she is in front of the Children's Garden doing her best "Blue Steel" Zoolander pose. They have storytime, crafts and "Seeds of Wonder" which teaches children all about flowers, plants and nature. Today was arts and crafts day, so here were some of the fun things there:
There was a little train. You can't quite see it from this picture, but Keira loved watching it go around the track saying "Choo Choo!"
Here was a little water pump that you actually got to pour water in and prime to get the water to come out. It was filled with nets and little toy animals and fish for the kids to fish out.
There were easels and tables set up for painting and doing clay and paper crafts. It was so cute how they had these great big men's shirts for the kids to use as aprons. Keira painted a lovely masterpiece that Mommy messed up and accidentally dropped when I was trying to hang it to dry. It ended up on the ground with paint and woodchips mixed up. I guess she'll have to gather inspiration and make me another masterpiece sometime when we go again. Oops! The craft of the day was to make a Ladybug! We cut up pieces of black paper to make the legs and head. Keira then painted the body red and balled up black tissue to make the dots.
After walking around the garden and playing with the big tub of bubbles, she potted a plant for Daddy. As we were leaving, she accidentally dropped it in the parking lot. We were able to salvage it some, but it definitely needs more soil after that spill!

All in all we had a great time and for the first time in a long time, she actually fell asleep in the car- completely zonked out before we got home! I STILL got to clean and watch Law and Order while she took her nap....AND we got to hang out and have fun for a much longer time today since she only slept once. I'd say the 1 nap a day isn't a bad thing :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and the "Non-Mom"

After reading the title, you are probably wondering what I'm talking about in regard to "Non-Mom". Apparently NBC was airing a Mother's Day special and decided that adoptive moms should be categorized as "Non-moms". First off, why on earth would they think that there needs to be categorization in the first place? I as an adoptive parent am a Mom, plain and simple. If for some reason, they wanted to put a "title" or "category" around it...why something with such a negative connotation as "Non" about uh....."Adoptive Mom"? Either way, I'm just so appalled by that. Granted, I'm glad that they saw the error of their ways and changed it, but still...I can't even believe the insensitivity of it in the first place.

Anyway, despite things like this, I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day and hope that all of you Mothers out there did as well!

UPDATE: Apparently they have changed the categorization...but they still don't get it. The idea of the show was to nominate "America's Favorite Mom". They had different categorizations such as Working Moms, Single Moms, then the "Non-Mom" which was a category meant for Grandmothers, Adoptive Moms etc. Grandmothers don't count as Moms? HUH???? Well, after all of the complaints they decided to change the Non-Mom category and have a separate category for "Adoptive Mom". They still don't get it. Why is it that they seem to feel that being an Adoptive Mom deserves to be in a separate category? I'm a Mom. Because I didn't give birth to Keira doesn't mean that I haven't been there to take care of her when she is sick, when she is scared or when she just wants her Mommy. I don't think that they will ever get it...

Saturday, May 10, 2008


When Chinese to English translation is done for the signs in public areas back in China, sometimes the translation is a LITTLE off...just a little :) This is called "Chinglish" and I remember one of the other families traveling with us saying that they were trying to clean up some of the signs before the Olympics, but I hope that they don't. I think they are GREAT!

On another adoptive family's blog (Thanks Amy!), they found and posted the link to a website devoted to showing pictures of these signs. They are so funny, so when you get a chance...they are definitely worth a look!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The New Children's Museum!!!

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before but I've been so excited WAITING for the New Children's Museum to open since last year!!! Back when we went to visit Max back in Illinois, they have a FANTASTIC Children's Museum in Naperville that is so amazing. It is just such a fun place for children to go to with so many hands on activities to play, learn and be creative. I was so sad that we didn't have anything like that out here in San Diego. I started looking up any children's museums that would be opening up and found the information for the San Diego one. I just couldn't wait...and now it's open! I was off on Wednesday, so Keira and I ventured downtown on the Coaster. The picture above is Keira eating her snack on the Coaster. The coaster dropped us off at the Santa Fe Station on Kettner and we walked the rest of the way to Island where the Museum is. I should probably say Keira walked a little while and I walked the rest of the way pushing the stroller and carrying her! lol We stopped off to get a quick bite to eat at a little deli on the way and were on our way again...
...and there it was!!! The Children's Museum! We got to the door so anxious to get inside and see what kinds of fun things we could get into...and it was closed! YES! Closed!!! Can you believe it??? We trekked all the way across San Diego County and apparently, the museum is closed every Wednesday! Argh! I felt like we just got to Wallyworld and we were the Griswalds!

We ended up walking to Horton Plaza where Keira at least got to run around for a bit and burn off some of her crazy energy. After that, we headed back to the Coaster.
We told the Conductor what happened and he was such a nice guy, he let Keira be the conductor for the day! She got to sit in the conductor's seat and blow the horn. CHOO CHOO! She LOVED it!
After she drove the train (just kidding), she got to let everyone off the train. The conductor showed her the buttons to push to get the doors to open. She had so much fun being the conductor...
Here she is smiling for the camera for a picture for Daddy with her Hello Kitty "boppy bop" (lollipop) that we sent to his phone to see what we were up to for the day.

Well, I wasn't going to let that stop us! I decided that we were going to try again the next day. We headed down to the Children's Museum this afternoon after her nap to try our luck again. This time I decided to drive. YAY! It was open! It is a great place for children to play...and for all of you with toddlers and young children, this is mainly the age that will LOVE this place! It is a little different from the Children's Museum in Illinois. The one there is more geared towards fun and hands-on activities like the space theatre at Balboa Park. This Children's Museum does have some hands on activities, but it definitely IS more geared towards art.

Keira put on an apron and got to work painting an old V'Dub outside on the patio. It was kind of hard to do because she is such a neat freak, she wanted to keep stopping to wash her hands every time she got a little bit of paint on them. I finally had to convince her that it was ok to have it on her hands...although just barely!

After that, we headed upstairs to a little area where you can make little wooden cars and put them on a ramp to race them.
Here she is racing her masterpiece that she put together....with a little help from Mommy of course.
There are a few little areas with bouncy, cushioned pillows to tumble around over . Including a great room full of pillows and mattresses piled up for kids to jump up and down on. Keira and I did some jumping in there for a while until we were pooped. After that, Keira wanted to try rock climbing. Here she is admiring the artwork on the wall of the rock climbing wall.
Here she is climbing up the wall. She was able to get to about the center of the small wall and up maybe two foot pegs. Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old! lol
Well, it was definitely worth the trek downtown even if we ended up making it two days in a row! I highly recommend it for all of your parents with toddlers and small children. There are lots of bubbles on the patio, art tables for kids to do crafts like painting and play with clay. There is even a little Ipod shaped booth on one of the floors with a little disco ball that music plays in for the kids to dance around in privacy. They SHOULD have had a little sneaky window that the parents could use to take pictures of the kids dancing without them knowing...I know...sneaky :)
Have fun!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bring Me Hope

I love this clip and hope that you enjoy it as well. I'll be honest though, Dan and I have never really thought of us adopting Keira as being something nice that we were doing. She had a wonderful foster family that loved her very much and she was well taken care of. On the contrary, she has done so much more for us by allowing us to be her family and bring her home with us than she will ever know...
I truly am thankful everyday for how blessed we have been.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Quickly They Learn!

With potty training, one of the things that I have learned is that consistency is so important. I've been putting Keira on the potty at intervals and she is going in her training pants less and less. Some days, she stays pretty dry the entire day...even through her naps. Amanda (daycare) has been really great about being consistent as well and when I go to pick her up will give me the low-down on everything that happened on the potty and in her diaper that day. She won't go on the potty in public place yet since I have to hold her over the potty. She definitely doesn't like I have found myself limiting us on some days to either just short trips out to get home in time to use the potty or going to Westfield malls where they have great Family Bathrooms with small toilets for her to use. I'll be honest...sometimes it really gets hard and feels like your life just revolves around the potty...but it will hopefully be worth it some day soon! lol

She still isn't consistently letting me know when she has to go to the potty, but she definitely knows that she is supposed to! Let me explain...

When I ask her if she has to go potty, she usually says no. But when she doesn't want to do eat or take a nap...she'll say "Mommy, pee poo poo potty!" Well, for consistency, I'll immediately get her up from whatever she is doing and put her on the potty...where she then reads or blows bubbles for a while. Does she actually go? Nope! But hey, it gets her out of her bed for a little while. After a while, when we figure out that she isn't really going to go, I take her off the potty and bring her back to her previous activity. She'll eat or nap for a bit..then guess what? "Mommy, pee poo poo potty!". Sometimes I'll tell her that she just went, but if she says it again, I've GOT to put her back on the potty so that she will tie it all together. This will happen sometimes a few times in the span of when she is supposed to be napping or eating. When she is playing or doing anything fun, of course she NEVER has to go potty... you get the picture. How quickly they learn, huh? ;)

Some people tell me to be patient. It took months of potty training to finally work. Others tell me Wow! Potty training was so easy! My child learned in just a couple of days and I really didn't have to do anything. Those are the people that I really would like to just kick really hard....REALLY hard! Just kidding :)...kind of....LOL.