The Many Adventures of Keira!

This is our page to document our family's adoption journey- starting from when we first started planning for our little one, to when we brought her home. We're also going to keep this updated with all of the things that Keira has been up to since she's been home with us here in the U.S!

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Date.....Maybe?

We received a tentative date from WHFC yesterday! We have a bit more paperwork to send in for our visa along with the travel agency working on the arrangements etc, but if all goes well, it looks like we'll be on a plane to get our baby on February 22nd!!! I can't believe that it's so close! It feels like we've been waiting an eternity. The wait time seemed so much easier when we were just waiting for the referral, but it's been agony waiting since we now know who our baby is.
Dan called me yesterday in the afternoon. When I answered the phone, all he said was "Ouch!!!" Guess he got his shots too, huh? :) I STILL have bruises all over my arm. Dan and I were comparing battle scars last night before starting on the paperwork.
I started filling out the paperwork for the travel agency to take care of our Visa paperwork and for the travel arrangements when I noticed that the paperwork was going to be due by January 29th. That is this coming Monday! In order to get the paperwork there on time we would have to Fed Ex the papers today. No problem, except that we needed to attach passport pictures again. We already sent our passport pictures that we had for the dossier and when we were getting our passports, so we had no other pictures to send. Dan got me up off my butt to go to CVS to get passport pictures at about 9. I did a quick hack job on my make-up and we were on our way. The lady pulls down a white screen and has me stand in front of it while she gets out her digital camera. This is very different from when we originally got our pictures from Walmart. There they had a specific camera set up that was a certain distance etc. This time, she was a couple of INCHES away from my face. I told her that I thought that she was too close and she said that she was told that she had to take it that close. She took my mugshot and moved on to Dan's. When we looked at the pictures, we couldn't stop laughing. They looked so distorted from being so close. Have you ever seen those dog pictures called "The Dog" that are so close up and distorted of their faces? Well, that would describe our pictures! We brought the pictures home and Dan started trying to cut them to be the size of our other passport pictures. They were WAAAY too close, just like we told her. By the time he got the pictures down to the size that they were supposed to be, there was nothing left of me but my huge distorted nose! If we weren't so tired and mad by this time, we probably would have laughed. We went back and had her do them again from a further distance. By now, I had already washed off my make-up, so it really did look like a mugshot--Oh well, what can you do? At least it's going on a visa and not on something like a driver's license that I would have to show everyone whenever you did anything. My picture my driver's license is bad enough! I would never show anyone that picture, but to give you an idea of what it looked like, I posted a picture! :)

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