The Many Adventures of Keira!

This is our page to document our family's adoption journey- starting from when we first started planning for our little one, to when we brought her home. We're also going to keep this updated with all of the things that Keira has been up to since she's been home with us here in the U.S!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Potty Update

Well, so far so good! Yesterday, I put her in her training pants and she only wet them twice...but a very small amount. I pretty much took her to the potty about every hour to an hour and a half. She protested the very first time like she always does when she first wakes up in the morning. I convinced her to do it since she wanted a sticker.

I placed a paper chart on the wall that says "Keira's Potty Chart". This is where she puts her stickers after she gets them. She LOVES the stickers! That seems to be working really well. Whenever she finishes on the potty she says YAY! Sticker!!! and just about runs to where I keep them to pick one out.

Yesterday we went to Babies R Us to see if we could find the Potty Power DVD. They didn't have it, so I bought Once Upon a Potty instead. She really likes it. She starts singing "My Potty Potty". It's really cute. We also got her some books and a bubble blower for her to play with while she's in the bathroom. I also let her pick out some new underwear! She was really excited and ended up with Dora, Little Mermaid and Elmo underwear. I haven't put them on her yet since I wanted to wash them first and I'm not sure when I should! She's been using the trainers, but to be honest, I'm not convinced that she can feel that they are wet. I think that her feeling what it's like to get wet is part of the training, isn't it? Maybe after she's gone a good amount, I'll go ahead and have her run around the house in them for an hour or so. Speaking of running around, she was SOOO funny! We were in the grocery store and she had just finished watching the DVD in the car. She was walking around the store saying "Bye Bye Pee Pee! Bye Bye Poo Poo!" She made a dash around the meat section yelling that, when all of a sudden her training pants fell down! She was still trying to run with them down to her knees yelling "Mommy, I did it! I did it!!!" I couldn't stop laughing....but of course I pulled her training pants up for her in the meantime lol.

We'll see how it goes. The main concern that I have is that she still isn't recognizing when she actually has to go. I'm not sure if my taking her every hour is causing problems with that. Should I keep doing that or should I be waiting for her to tell me when she has to go? I guess I'll try that and see what happens!
Oh, and by the way...yes, that is a picture of Keira on the toilet with her Dora underwear on her head.


Glenn said...

We will be coming to you for advise once you get Keira potty trained. Please keep sharing.

Amy said...

Congrats on the potty training! I hope to start Olivia this summer. I think she'll catch on. I may have to get her 1 of those DVDs...I didn't know they had those!