The Many Adventures of Keira!

This is our page to document our family's adoption journey- starting from when we first started planning for our little one, to when we brought her home. We're also going to keep this updated with all of the things that Keira has been up to since she's been home with us here in the U.S!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

YAY! Not In Montana!

The supervisor at the Humane Society had one of her assistants call me back. This was to let me know that she was going to be out of the office until Wednesday, but when she gets in, she will call me. I was finally able to get some answers...

Apparently what happened was when we were at the counter trying to process the adoption, the lady working at the counter was new. When we needed to put a hold, she put a hold for us, but put it as just a regular note in the general comments section instead of in the HOLD section. Ugh... So apparently what happened was when they were going to be transferring dogs out to rescues, they checked the holds sections and since she didn't have a "HOLD" (at least not in the right section where they could see) they released her. ARGH... That finally makes SO much more sense!

I asked why on earth they would transfer her out to a rescue all the way in Montana and she told me not to listen to anything that anyone else says since some people there have already given me some incorret information. She also said that the Supervisor was the only person who would have any information that was correct since she processed the transfer herself.

Where did I get Montana from? One of the customer service people after much poking and prodding finally told me the name of the rescue. I looked the name of the rescue up in Google and it was located in Billings Montana.

Well, the lady from Montana called me last night. She said that they didn't have the dog and couldn't understand why they would say that they transferred her there. What a mess!!! It really sounded like we were never going to find her!

While at work today, I had a moment where I was thinking about how sad it was that we lost her. Then it hit me... what if there were a rescue closer by that had the SAME name as the rescue in Montana??? I decided to Google the name again. Still lots of hits on the rescue in Montana...then it happened. About the 3rd page..there it was! A rescue by the SAME name in Ramona! I called and left a message and received the call today on my way home from work.

I found her!!! You can only imagine how happy I was! The lady and I talked about our dog and how crazy it was that everything happened like it did...and especially how much I went through trying to track her down. I guess there wasn't much doubt that we really truly wanted to adopt her, huh? LOL She was shocked and said, "Wow! You would have driven all the way to Ramona to get her?" My response was "Are you kidding??? I was going to drive to Montana, so Ramona is WAY better!" LOL

I'm meeting with her tomorrow to bring OUR dog home! :)


GO TRAVELING "Get Up! Go Traveling!" said...

Yay Sharon you should be a detective for dogs LOL

I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see photos of your new member of the family!

Christy said...

Happy News! What a lucky doggie--Socks is coming home!!

Lorraine said...

yay! she's very some pictures soon so everyone can see her...Can't wait to meet her!