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This is our page to document our family's adoption journey- starting from when we first started planning for our little one, to when we brought her home. We're also going to keep this updated with all of the things that Keira has been up to since she's been home with us here in the U.S!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our Easter celebration actually started yesterday. Auntie Lorraine, Dan, Keira and I headed over to the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Encinitas. They had an Easter Bunny to take pictures with, jumpers, arts and crafts and all sorts of fun things to do. They had the hunts broken down into age groups with the first group of 2 and under at 10:15am. There was a huge crowd of us that lined up behind the line and once they waved the flag we were on our way! They laid down the ground rules that parents were allowed to point the eggs out to the children, but couldn't touch them or pick them up. Last year, the parents were picking up all of the eggs...competitive, huh? lol

Last year, Keira just didn't get it and wanted me to carry her around the whole time. She wanted the eggs, but wouldn't let me put her on the ground. Because of that, ok, I'll admit it. I was one of the parents that were picking up eggs for her...guilty...I know. Well, this year, all it took was pointing out one egg and she was off and running! Here are some pictures of Dan pointing eggs out to Keira.

There was an Easter Bunny there to take pictures with and Keira was happy to do it...that is until the 2 kids in front of her started crying and were screaming hysterically. She changed her mind, but just like most kids, a "High Five" will usually make them a little more open to things.
Here's Dan carrying Keira's basket. He thinks that he's trying to prove that he can still look macho carrying a Hello Kitty basket. I think he failed miserably.
As many of you may know, Dan and I gave up chocolate for Lent, so of course the first thing Dan did was buy lots of chocolate for Easter! He had to work this morning so Keira and I headed to Easter Mass by ourselves. Keira was being a ham and after mass, several people stopped me to tell me how fun it was to watch her laughing, clapping, singing and dancing around during mass. She really is a total ham. We didn't get to do much today after that because I ended up with a low grade fever and wasn't feeling too good. To make up for it, I made an Easter Dinner for when Dan came home. After that, I hid eggs in the backyard for Keira to look for.

Now I tried to hide them in spots that weren't going to be too hard to find, but she is definitely getting the Easter thing. She found them in a couple of minute and wanted more!

I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter!!!

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Paula said...

Happy Easter!! I'm jealous that Keira didn't have to cover up with a sweater. I bought Jess an adorable dress but since it hit 40 today, she had a sweater over it.